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Feb 21,2020


I've been following KumarTronic for years!  Always awesome shows, gets the crowd moving!  His mixes are always on in my car, at my house, in my headphones on the plane.  One of Chicago's own, one of Chicago's best!  Do yourself a favor and get on it!


                                                                                                                                                 Chris Marek.            


Jul 14, 2019


Wedding planning is always stressful, but it's refreshing to come across a task that feels more like a hype for your wedding rather than a chore. That is exactly what it was working with Nitin. My then fiance and I met with him over some Nandos (our fave), and started knocking things out. He went over all the bases and more to ensure our event was fun for us and our guests. We are Sikh and asked to hold off on any drinking songs, and he kindly obliged - no jokes or puns or poking fun at our request. This was not gone unnoticed during the event. There is nothing like getting into the grove then a song coming on that kills the vibe. Nitin felt the crowd, kept with his promise, and made the night fly by with great energy on the dance floor. With the music comes the lights and the effects. He referred us to Pink Noise who were quick to reply, exact on our request, professional in addressing our events, and had a clean set up. Mic systems were strong with no feed back, speakers were not gaudy looking and filled up the room with a full sound, and the whole set up had a clean look from the other side. Something else REALLY imperative for a successful and smooth night is the difference between entrance hype, dinner or mingling music, and dance music. One would be surprised how many DJs can mess this up!! Guests got time to talk and catch up over appetizers then throw down on the dance floor when the beat dropped after being able to talk during dinner - not shouting over the music. He kept the night moving, listened to requests by guests, and made it a memorable weekend. If anything we learned reflecting back is there are 3 main aspects to have for a great time - good people, great food, and music to groove to. Nitin may not cater dinner, but him and his team are great people and even better at doing their job.


Manpriya Kaur  



Apr 29, 2017


I've asked Nitin to dj at two family engagement parties. He's so kind and easy going, always willing to hear a song request (as annoying as it may get.) He plays great music that appeals to all age groups and knows how to keep the dance floor crowded! Great job!


                                                                                                                                                     Jaymine P.            


March 12, 2016


Nitin is a professional, courteous, and punctual DJ catering to your event needs.  I've worked with him in the past at a wedding reception where I performed as a  drummer. He mixes excellent music and ensures that the dance floor is packed!




                                                                                                                                                          Sukhi B.                  

April 6, 2015


Nitin is one of the most hardworking DJs in the business. His mixes are evidence of his creativity and passion for music and his job. The fact that he

mixes western music with Indian beats to create something thatseems to be  extremely popular lately is the icing on the cake. Definitely worth   

booking for any party!


                                                                                                                                                       Komal M.



November 22, 2014


Excellent, professional, on time, and very nice equipment. Great personality, too,  very funny and polite. Used him for three events already and have recommended him to others many times. Very talented gentleman.                                                                   


                                                                                                                                                         PJ.  S








June 12, 2014


I Recently had the privilege of attending one of Nitin's gigs as well as spending some time talking about music. First off, Nitin absolutely destroys the 

turntable! He knows how to keep a party going! Plays all types of music, keeps the crowd pumped and has all around excellent DJ'ing skills. I can also tell you from discussing music with him he really cares about the quality and finding a way to reach people with the music. A true professional in every sense of the

word! Killer Dj!


                                                                                                                                                        Joseph H.










































For everyone that has submitted a testimonial, I would like to say. . .



June 18, 2014


I attended a wedding that DJ Kumar Tronic did and it was the best experience! He was so professional and the music was great! He kept the party going strong all night and not a single person had a complaint about his selections. The sound quality was perfect, also. I would recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area looking for a quality DJ that will keep their guests happy and dancing!


                                                                                                                                                      Adriana T.



June 23, 2014


Nitin is a professional DJ who will light your party on fire. Nitin was my dj for my wedding reception on June 6th 2014. Let's just say no one left the dance floor the whole night. He cares about "Quality" and really works with you. If you want someone who cares about your event and will do everything to make sure your special day or night will be right. Dj Kumar Tronic will go above and beyond to get the job done right..


                                                                                                                                                          Shawn C.




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