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Lets get personal shall we??

Q.  Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

  In addition to my DJing I also have a drummer, plus optionally indian percussion dholi/tabla player whom can

  perform with me as well!  Hence, the creation of our high energy live mixshow- Chicago Sound Theory.  Adding the live    instrument element to a DJ makes us truly unique.  Importantly, we even practice and that makes us even better!  Add   

  these additions and your event will be special and unforgettable whether its a small or large party, private or club...

  we do  it all!!

  My experience over the years in performing consists of lots of private events, clubs, corporate and so much more!  In     

  addition, I am doing work as a humanitarian. Being an entrepreneur is the heart and soul of everyhing I do.  Take the   

  combination of experience in entertainment and in entrepreneurial business, and you have a service which is... well... 



Q.  What do you like most about your job?

  I enjoy entertaining crowds, and I love music.  To see pure enjoyment on a person's face to my performance is the best     

  feeling...  Be assured I will go the extra mile to make certain your event is successful. 

Q.  What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

  ...If you ask yourself why DJs charge so much for performances. We don't get paid vacation, we don't get paid sick days,

  we don't get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas. We don't have insurance plans nor do we qualify

  for unemployment. We sacrifice our family on special days so that we can bring happiness to others. Illness or personal

  affairs are not excuses for a bad performance. Next time you ask, remember that DJs are DJs because of the love of


  Aside from the event itself, there is a lot of  "behind the scenes" work done.  There is the keeping up with the newest and

  hottest music and videos out on the scene, and the upkeep of it.  Also, because now I offer live instruments to go along, I

  do practice with the other members. 

  There is also time spent on the programing and requests of the client to make sure everything would go as flawless as

  possible.  I am always investing in myself, so when you do book us, you are getting the best services.  I am very punctual

  and particular when it comes to the execution of your event.  There is hard work and lots of sacrifice involved. 

  Needless to say, I understand the expenses that come with each event and I do always try to work with my clients without

  sacrificing the quality or the value of the amazing services I provide!  This is not a budget service, what is provided

  here is premium entertainment which would result in a premium experience.  There is no substitution for experience and

  the passion of music and entertainment we possess!

Q.  How did you decide to get in your line of work?

  I absolutely love performing and energizing crowds!  To go even deeper, I have a deep appreciation 

  for music within any and all genres. 

  My musical experience started at the young age of seven years old by taking up the cello in the 

  orchestra.  Later on, I even took up the tabla for a few years.  I can read and write music, but   

  more importantly, I always have an open ear for what keeps crowds moving in a party scene.  I know

  when it comes to servicing my clients, it is not about what I want, it is about what is needed and

  wanted by YOU.  When it comes to my doing, it is more about my experience and the execution of      making your event go as smooth as possible. 

Q.  If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your     

      profession, what would you suggest?

  There are just a few things you must know.

  1.  Be humble.

  2.  Always learn and learn ON THE GO.


  3.  Success comes from the experience your client and the guests have.

  4.  Mistakes and mishaps happen, it is how fast you can recover and how professional you are about         getting things back on course. 

  5.  Go above and beyond in servicing your clients!


  6.  Finally, ALWAYS have a backup plan... your success depends entirely on it!!!



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